Hello World

Hello World

Hi, my name is Luiz Carlos Faria. I’m a Oragon creator. Ora

Hi, my name is Luiz Carlos Faria. I’m a Oragon creator. Oragon is a name that i original thinking use to create my own company. Before move myself to Rio de Janeiro, the Oragon Brand was borne in my own mind.

Oragon always represents a big idea for me. Oragon describe my particular way to see complexity and software architecture. Oragon represent move complexity on specialized abstractions to improve software reliability. It’s mean that i never need to think on complexity on core of my business application. Complex handlers, complex controllers need to be abstract. Thinking about complexity only one time, addressing complexity on architecture, creating mechanism, orchestrators and everything else to simplify software development, making new abstraction layers, really reusable.

Oragon represent that software must be able to be changed easily. Changes are welcome as new features. Everything change, all time, and we need adopt any change like a good thing. Changing we can see same code again, we can improve that. If you are changing a lot your business core application it’s mean that you are on right way. If you are changing a lot your architecture, it’s mean that you are thinking less in architecture that you really need.

My first project over Oragon brand is Oragon Architecture. A complex abstract layer, created to simplify how to we develop .NET software. Oragon Architecture deliver a mindset and a robust framework over Microsoft .NET Framework, Spring .NET using AOP, Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control to addressing technical complexity in many areas like: Database and resource usage, with design by requirements and Aspect Oriented Architecture. A robust database reverse engineering code generator, with some abstractions to perform the best approach as possible to increase code maintenance.

Oragon Architecture reborn as simply Oragon. If you does not understand how it sound, it be pronounced as Or a gon.

That’s how i’m saying hello. With a lot of english errors, overcoming the discomfort at write in other language. But doing everything with my heart. Listening only my consciousness and what i need to express.

My name is Luiz Carlos Faria, and this is Oragon website. And at future we will be a huge community. We are starting, people are coming too. I’m so glad to do this job.

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